About Us

ScienTissiME started as the brand name of ScheerSoftwareSolutions, a Canadian company, founded in 2007 by Michael Scheer. In that context, we have been providing customized data analysis software to several scientific research groups in academia and industry. These solutions were all built around our main software platform, ScienTissiME, a very intuitive, highly customizable interface for data analysis and processing.

Then, in 2016, Eva Kruemmel and Michael Scheer founded ScienTissiME Incorporated. The goal was to expand the services offered; from custom data analysis software, to assistance in data/knowledge acquisition, analysis, and interpretation, to policy advice.

While the services and software offered for the past ten years continue to be offered, our services and solutions now no longer focus exclusively on scientific data, but other forms of knowledge as well (such as Indigenous knowledge).


Biography for Eva Kruemmel:

Eva moved from Germany to Canada in 2000. Her university education includes a degree (“Diplom”, Masters equivalent) in Biology from the University of Cologne, Germany (1998), and a Ph.D. in Biology with a specialization in Chemical and Environmental Toxicology from the University of Ottawa, Canada (2006). Post-doctoral studies at the University of Ottawa followed (2007-2008 and 2009-2011), and she developed a research project on mercury in ice-cores at uOttawa (partnering with Trent University). Her research topics have been the importance of Pacific salmon as vectors of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), the relations of diet, contaminants and diabetes in two Native communities in northwestern Ontario, and the origin and fate of mercury in the Arctic.

Eva started working for the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Canada Office in June 2008, and held a position there as a Senior Policy Advisor on Environment & Health. In this capacity, she has been representing ICC in various international fora, for example at United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee (INC) meetings on Mercury, and meetings of the Stockholm Convention on POPs. She attended those meetings either as an independent observer for ICC, or as part of the Canadian delegation representing ICC Canada.

Eva also represented ICC Canada in the Research Management Committee of the Northern Contaminants Program (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) and in Arctic Council working- and expert groups, such as the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). She represents ICC as a Board member to the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON), and is also a member of the SAON Executive Committee.

Biography for Michael Scheer:       

Michael moved from Germany to Canada in 1994. His university education includes a degree (“Diplom”, Masters equivalent) in Physics from the University of Goettingen, Germany (1994), and a Ph.D. in Physics (with a specialization in optics, lasers, and light-matter interactions) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada (1998).

After two years of post-doctoral studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Michael returned to Canada to join the fiber-optics research team at Nortel Networks in Ottawa. He would stay with the team for six years (including its transition to Bookham Technologies) before starting his own company, ScheerSoftwareSolutions, which was later merged with ScienTissiME Inc. in 2016 (see above).